My food philosophy: Saving vs. Spending


One of the biggest everyday changes to living out on my own (if you missed this, catch up on my moving vlogs here) has been cooking and budgeting for food. As someone who regularly eat 3 meals a day, it’s a place to to blow lot of money quick without even realizing it. And while food is certainly a necessity, it’s worth evaluating how you eat, your lifestyle preferences and where exactly your are spending your monthly budget.





42226271540_14d161007d_bBut as we know, all work and no play makes for a…. well, less than exciting food life so I decided in favour of shopping frugal for my day to day needs and then making time (and money) for a splurge treat once a month. This means choosing the cheaper markets to shop at, sticking to sale only items for most of my shopping and planning my meals around those sale items instead of being forced to buy what you need for a certain set dish. You’d be surprised at how much this one change can reduce your grocery bill!

As for a splurge treat, there’s no better place to throw your money (and have a good time) then at the farmer’s market. Our best known year around choice is Granville Island which is part tourist gathering and part artisan eats and always a whole lot of new things to discover. Plus, it just feels kind of fancy shopping there especially when they wrap up your goodies in neat little packages. Think hand made pasta, flavoured olive oil in pour-it-yourself tins and rows upon rows of meaty delicacies.




My main word of advice before you hit the town wild would be to set a firm budget for your treat day. Keep a tally if you’re spending plastic or better yet, take our your budget in cash – not only is it quicker in line but you’ll always know exactly how much you have left.

Have a favourite splurge worthy food spot? Leave a comment and share the love.

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