TIY: Potato & Leek Soup

T.I.Y.  – Try It Yourself, is a new segment that I’ve been trying to incorporate into my blog life as a reminder to try new recipes on the regular. While my Things to Cook checklist keeps growing (there are some super fab food channels out there), I rarely take the initiative to bring them to life in my kitchen.


Winter weather calls for something thick, hearty and satisfying hence potato soup sounded like the perfect fit. The truth is, I’ve actually never ever made potato soup as it seemed like a lot of work with the boiling, blending, seasoning and reboiling. Oddly, I am very much okay with spending hours making beef stew instead. As more of a one pot does it all kinda girl, I finally blocked out a weekend morning to tackle this seemingly simple dish. I mean, Youtube makes anything look easy now doesn’t it.

My version is a blend of this recipe from Chef Ludo and this one from Entertaining with Beth; yes to leeks and no to cheese. What I underestimated however was how long it takes for a big pot of potatoes to cool before I could blend it and the fact that leeks get quite sticky and thick once its been sauteed and blended so sizing down the serving size would have been a smarter idea. What appeared to be a reasonably sized pot of soup just kept growing as I needed to add more liquid to thin out the mixture.


The turnout was satisfyingly successful for a first try and I loved how pure and creamy the soup tasted; the addition of the vegetables enhanced the flavour but didn’t dramatically alter it. This is still a potato milkshake if you will. Next time around I’m thinking maybe a littler shredded parmesan on top and some panchetta instead of regular bacon.

Got a tried and true Potato Soup recipe? Share it with me 🙂

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