Eating my way into 2018

Welcome back from the holiday coma food lovers, I hope you had a restful break and indulged a little…or a lot. I’m feeling quite in the reflective mood so I thought I’d share a few quick thoughts as we start biting into this new year.


I’m really looking forward to trying more recipes and improving my own cooking repertoire this year. After all, while this space is for me to share my own favourite recipes, I think it’s also just as important to continue learning and exploring while taking you all along for the experience. As a guideline, I’m setting myself the goal of trying out one new recipe every month with photos and with a little results post to share of course… successful or not.

Along with the cooking, I’m aiming to talk about more curious eats in this space. Not only places I’ve gone to eat around town but also the aisles upon aisles of Asian snacks that you may not know much about if you didn’t grow up in an Asian household. Seriously, I think about this every time I’m out at T&T. We’ll need a witty sub title for this series so I’ll let that thought marinate for now.


Speaking of new things, the one of the best purchase I’ve made all last year has to be my Nutri-Ninja which has been so much fun to use for making smoothies and whipping up pizza dough on the fly. With all the initial excitement abated, it would be nice to learn more recipes to use with it like maybe sauces or even for baking. Moreover, I’m curious to see how it can help with my everyday Asian food prep since raw greens are not really my cup of juice.

Lastly, coming your way in the next few weeks are a tour of my (Mother’s) garden and a food directed travel diary from my summer trip to Vancouver Island. Both have been sitting restlessly on my computer and I really just need to block out some time to work on them. If you can’t wait until then and need some immediate gratification, follow my Eat Happy food themed Pinterest board where I add lots of yummy recipes that’s on my personal to-try list!

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