TIY: Roasted Garlic Hummus


I had never quite thought about how much I loved garlic until just the last few years. Not a fan of it raw by the way (sorry, northern Chinese food – not my thing) but roasted, toasted, deep fried and mixed into whatever was mixable makes the dish just that little better. My current favourite way to prep garlic is to roast them in olive oil in the mini oven, sprinkle with salt and then preserved in a small jar filled with more oil. They are fantastic to keep as an add on when having bread or in m latest experiment…hummus.

Now hummus is something that I’ve only recently discovered and my recipe still needs some work. Using rinsed canned chick peas, I add a generous spoonful of roasted garlic, a dash of parsley and salt then go to town with the immersion blender with a little water added at a time. Though this blending method is easier in small batches I find it still a little chunky but let’s just call it rustic. Scoop it out, dress with parmesan plus my lazy cheat for tahini… sesame oil. Hey, I am Asian after all.

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