Foods I never ate until Canada


Raspberries – aren’t they just the most gorgeous colour you’ve ever seen! As I’m carefully navigating the thorns to pick out my daily reward from the front yard (this is the first year our own bushes are bearing fruit), it dawned on me that these little plump berries are something I never had until we moved to Canada. Of course with the recent globalization in the last decade, foods from around the world have become more readily accessible in super markets albeit probably with a shocking price tag but rewind 20 years to when I first left China, raspberries were not something I could ever fathom. And then there were western oddities…

  • lemons, blueberries, cherries, avocado
  • cheese… this was a real weird one, still is
  • salmon, tuna
  • olives, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, lettuce

…so imagine the confusion when faced with all these new and unfamiliar ingredients! Side note: I don’t not recommend taking your first go at lemons by eating it like an orange.

As I grew older and learned to explore the kitchen on my own, I began to play with incorporating western ingredients into my Asian based meals – sometimes with success, sometimes with hilarious failures – which also happened to be the momentum behind this blog. For all of you who’ve had a major cuisine change in your life, I’d love to hear your stories…because there was the time I tried putting soy sauce in my yogurt….

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