SUIKA | Japanese Snack Bar



1626 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6J1X8

Pre-event afternoons are always an excuse to sneak in a little food adventuring, especially when I know I’ll be venturing to the busier parts of town. With no shortage of Japanese options in Vancouver, SUIKA Snack Bar stands out with near perfect customer reviews yet isn’t part of the downtown crowd. The atmosphere has the casualness I’ve grown accustomed to and despite the slightly worn furniture, the service was warm, prompt and hospitable.  The menu reads like a familiar izakaya bar and has just enough choices to be flexible yet not too many to make first time eater confused.


CORN KAKIAGE | Forget chicken karaage, this seemingly odd appetizer is battered corn that’s deep fried and brushed with soy sauce. Tastes like a deconstructed Asian fusion corn on the cob but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a little crispy on the outside but soft once you get to the inside.


KAKUNI BIBIMBAP | Originally a Korean homestyle favourite, bibimbap is given a meaty twist with delicious pork belly and lots of umami flavour with the addition of sweet dried shrimp and a sprinkle of toasted seaweed. Extremely flavourful, quite savoury but perhaps a little too much soy for me. Reminds me of a twisted version of Cantonese stir fry stick rice but pretty darn delicious.


TOKYO OXTAIL RAMEN | Again with the unexpected twist, maybe this is what I ought to be expecting from SUIKA from now on? Having had my share of Vancouver ramen, this oxtail version has a full bodied yet mellow flavour. There’s no lack of richness and the flavours are all well balanced but it does so without being greasy like the many other pork based concoctions (think Kintaro). Toppings are few but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything in my stomach.


NEXT TO TRY | Beef Tendon Curry with Pork Cutlet, Aburi Shimi-Saba Sushi, Tako Karaage.


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