Spaghetti: celery, parmesan and capers


Weekend mornings usually produces some experimental combinations and between my noodle cravings and the need to use up left over celery that’s been staring at me blankly for days, I came out with this.

Pre-boiled whole wheat spaghetti was given a given a quick saute in the pan and then tossed with parmesan, parsley and my latest addiction – deep fried capers. The celery came out looking like an after thought but it does add some greens to the meal in a quick and easy way. The result is savory with lots of texture and the little bit of crisp feels so satisfying. Secretly I call this a noodle stir-fry but my Italian neighbours would probably cringe at the thought. Well at the end of the day, a noodle is a noodle.


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